Lokerse Winner 2013

21 July 2013

At this very nice show wich is held outside I only entered Kaszi, she is 11 years and we wanted her to show that a veteran is still a beautifull dog and can be in great shape. The judge LOVED her and he was amazed with her condition.  She gained her 1st veteran title and became BOB veteran. After she showed herself to perfection and in the BIG ring she became BEST IN SHOW VETERAN! What an achievement, the first PON ever to obtain this title in Belgium. 

International Show Brussels 2013

22 September 2013

3 of our dogs where entered and did extremely well again!  Lukier van het Goralenhof became Brussels Winner with CAC and RCACIB, his grandmother was BOB veteran and only 1 point away from her veteran championship and then last but not least Jasminka takes for the 3th time the title of Belgian Winner, after Belgian Winner 2011, Belgian Winner 2012 she is now also Belgian Winner 2013. She got the CAC and CACIB. What a great team we have!

International Show Mechelen 2013

18 Augustus 2013

Lukier van het Goralenhof and his grandmother Jagodas Bis Kaszanka participated and did very well!
Lukier was Best Male and BOB, he also got the CAC and CACIB, his grandmother Kaszi was Best female and Best Veteran.  They both participated as a couple in the mainring and where BIS 4 couple! We are very proud of them.


International Show Luxemburg 2013

07 September 2013

Another show for Lukier at the prestigious show in Luxemburg.  Again he did very well and he became Best Of Breed! Gaining his 1st Luxemburg point and the CACIB.  Their was a good competition and we are very happy with his result. 


Championnat de France 2013

On the 3th of June Kleinponka van het Goralenhof went to the Championnat de France, and like her halfsister in 2012 she went to take the CAC CACIB and the BEST OF BREED! Congratulations to Christa and Ponka!  Wonderfull result.

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Grooming your PON

All our new PONowners are getting lots of instructions about how to keep their PON in perfect coat but it is always very helpfull to be able to view again how it is done, that's why I made this moovie on how to groom your PON.