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Piasek Rawipon

'Patch' Born 26-02-2016
 Ch. Zywiec z Gangu Dlugich X Jemioluszka z Gangu Dlugich
Natural Bobtail

RCD4 Normal

Patch is our hope for the future, together with Kathy we dediced to import him from Poland, I would like to thank Iwona to entrust him to us. He is very sweet and friendly.
Available as stud to select bitches.

1 X Group 4
1 X BOS puppy
2 X BOB puppy
1 X BIS puppy
1 X BOB Junior
1 X 4 BIS Junior  

1 x BOB

Brussels Winner 2017
Belgian Winner 2017

 21 juli-3

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Grooming your PON

All our new PONowners are getting lots of instructions about how to keep their PON in perfect coat but it is always very helpfull to be able to view again how it is done, that's why I made this moovie on how to groom your PON.